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This page is being created as questions come in, so it may not have all of the answers. Please fill out our Contact Form if you don't see an answer to your question. Thank you.

  • Help! My package says it was delivered but I can't find it anywhere?
    This rarely happens but I understand how frustrating it can be. Unfortunately, once the delivery service (usually ships USPS) marks the package as delivered, I can't offer a refund or replacement. I suggest shipping it to a safe location (i.e. knowing someone will be home to receive the package or informing the delivery service to leave with a neighbor). I wish I could provide more assistance but I'm unable to even file a claim due to it being marked as 'delivered'. Thanks for understanding.

  • How can I purchase the Chicagotería game?
    The game is not available at the moment. I'm currently working on it and have only a few illustrations left. Sign up for the newsletter to receive updates about the release date. Thank you!

  • Can I purchase your work at a local shop?
    Not at the moment but soon I hope! Follow @Chicagoteria on Instagram and sign-up for the newsletter to see which shops will have my work in stock.

  • Is local pick-up available?
    Local pick-up is not available at the moment. I don't have a studio—I work from home and my privacy is very important to me and due to my work load I would be unable to accommodate everyones schedule. Also, most of my prints are drop-shipped, meaning I send the orders to a printer, where they print and ship them out to you, so pick-up would not be possible. Thanks for understanding.

  • Can you sign my print?
    Most prints are drop-shipped unless stated—meaning that it would not be possible for me to sign your print since a fulfillment company helps print and ship your order. Every once in a while I will release limited prints that are printed, trimmed, and signed by yours truly. Thanks for understanding.

  • Do you create custom lotería pieces?
    Sometimes. If you're interested in a custom lotería illustration please fill out the Contact Form or email [email protected] with details. Not all requests may be honored, depending on the time frame, schedule, and budget.

  • How can I order a large custom tabla print?
    Stay tuned as that option becomes available once in a while depeding on how busy I am with other projects.