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'Trans is Sacred' Bandana

'Trans is Sacred' Bandana

22" x 22" bandana
Hand screenprinted by the artist
Black Ink on Light Gray bandana
100% cotton, Made in USA

This bandana was my submission to the Queer Ecology Hanky Project.

Artist statement:
"I've always wondered how the ancient civilizations of the Nahuas/Aztecs viewed queer identity. Much of that knowledge is unknown due to Spanish colonization and the homophobic/transphobic rewriting and erasure of that history. What we do know is that the Nahuas viewed gender and queerness much differently than we do in our modern world.
This piece is my attempt to interpret and understand queerness within the Nahua civilization and its interconnections to the environment around them. It’s based on imagery found in sections of the Codex Yoalli Ehēcatl. Because so much of that history is lost, I know I will never fully understand gender and queer identity within Nahua spirituality but I can try to interpret it in the best way possible."